Focused Destination for HCP Educational Assets to Complement Your Product Website

MNG Health’s award-winning Interactive Media Hub (IMH) drives both non-personal and rep-driven HCP engagement by leveraging your existing content on our proprietary platform to increase speed to market. This solution provides a focused, enduring destination that complements your website where HCPs can re-engage with your content again and again.

Analytics from the IMH platform enable targeted content suggestions based on individual user behaviors and aggregate data to inform future content creation. The Hub lets you optimize based on demonstrated HCP needs, so you can allocate resources accordingly, close the marketing loop, and maximize business impact.

Remedy website
The survey results below demonstrate the value of pharma-sponsored educational content for HCPs.
Content Survey

"It is crucial that pharma companies provide education resources routed in science to gain my trust."

Content Survey

Do not feel any pharma company is doing a good job of providing medical education resources to physician online.

Source: Decision Resources Group, Taking the Pulse U.S., 2017

In sum, Interactive Media Hub drives long-term HCP engagement through a streamlined user experience supported by an infrastructure designed for data collection, analytics and decision making. Additional benefits:

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