Direct Mail Works When You Partner with an Expert

Direct Mail (DM) combines the advantage of reach, the impact of physicality and the power of data-driven relevance to send a message that resonates. DM is now a channel with low message clutter and noise, so those who use it have a greater ability to stand out and get noticed.

MNG Health helps its clients create success with DM as a “new” way to grab the attention of HCP customers and prospects of all ages. And integrating DM within an intelligent multichannel communication mix can mean the difference between contributing to the noise and breaking through it.

Doctor reading direct mail piece


HCPs are just as likely to notice, open and read mail as digital communications. Orchestrate smart mail + email campaigns for optimal awareness.


HCPs keep mail, display it in their offices and even share it with colleagues. This creates multiple opportunities for a brand to be seen and engaged with.


Whether it’s to drive a digital experience or fulfill educational needs, mail delivers a call-to-action that resonates.

To learn more about effectively using direct mail to complement your HCP communications programs, contact us using this link.