Email Solutions that Deliver Precise, Personalized Engagement

MNG Health has consistently and significantly exceeded industry benchmarks for email engagement, securing our place as a life sciences leader, continuous innovator and valued partner for HCP engagement success. Relevance matters, whether it’s details about formulary status, a medical congress recap, news about a recently approved product, or updated prescribing information, it must be personalized based on the receiver’s explicit preferences and data from other sources.

And with email, technology and technique also matter. Our campaign designers vigilantly monitor and respond to an ever-changing email landscape of blocked IP addresses and suspect sender domains, trigger words within messages, subject lines or headers that may get snagged by filters, the best days and times to send emails, and the optimal way to tag media files. The best email creative in the world won’t work if it can’t reach, be opened and be read by its intended receiver.

Speaking of opening, we have some of the best email open rates in healthcare.

Industry Leading Engagement by Specialty

Email Open Rate
Source: Industry Averages from ZS Associates, 2018; MNG Health FUSION™ July 2018.
Email, by itself or in combination with other MNG Health solutions, is a powerful tool in the right hands. Does your current partner excel in the areas that drive a successful email campaign?

Email Solutions: Delivering Success


Connect with our network

Reach more than 1.65 million healthcare professionals including MD/DOs, NP/PAs, RNs, and PharmD/RPhs

  • Average over 90% list match for MD/DOs and greater than 79% list match for NP/PAs
  • Over 200 specialties


Put data to work

Proprietary rules engine powers the targeted delivery of contextually relevant email communications at scale.

  • Data-driven message triggering
  • Dynamic segmentation allows adaptive message selection
  • Match HCPs with relevant healthcare plan information based on patient population


Ensure the message arrives

Expertise and insights to drive world-class email performace, ensuring your message is delivered.

  • Hyper-viligent reputation monitoring
  • Industry-leading infrastructure and authentication processes
  • Average deliverability rate greater than 95%


Deliver compelling content

Strategic guidance drived the development of high-performing content, ensuring industry leading opens.

  • Proven expertise in developing impactfull call(s) to action and subject lines
  • Continual optimization via A/B subject line and content testing
  • Average open rate greater than 11% across all specialties
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