Proven, Effective & Enduring HCP Brand Communications

While many aspects of a clinician’s work have changed dramatically, HCPs still turn to credible, trusted publications as part of their continuing education to learn about key studies, clinical updates and the latest news.

High-impact promotional messages delivered through physical and digital medical journals – such as cover wraps, polybags, inserts and online display ads – are a key component for any brand campaign. They have a long shelf life and are often shared with other HCPs in the practice.

A seamless addition to an integrated communications program, this multichannel solution provides an exclusive opportunity to increase brand awareness with a lasting effect, typically with a 5:1 return on investment (ROI). Leverage the trust, recognition and extensive circulation of medical journals to reach high-value, specialty audiences and realize key benefits.

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Percent of HCPs that read
journals to stay up-to-date
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Average ROI on
Medical Journal advertising

Sources: Wolters Kluwer, 2018, and MNG Health proprietary research.

Precise Targeting

Direct your message to specific, specialty audiences to create brand awareness and actions that directly meet your brand goals.

Exclusive Publication Space

Be the first to acquire highly visible and valuable publication space in print and digital, connecting brands with superior editorial.

Trusted Source of Authority

When HCPs look to their specific journals for trusted and reliable information, ensure that your brand message is top of mind.

Results Insight

Receive insight on HCPs who recieved the publication, as well as the ability to conduct an ROI analysis on the initiative.
To learn more about how MNG Health’s medical journal promotions can increase your reach and impact with your most valuable HCP customers, contact us using this link.