Our Virtual Ad Boards Increase Your Access to Global Thought Leaders

Global and national scientific, medical and clinical thought leaders are among the busiest HCPs on the planet, and you’re not the only one seeking their valuable perspectives. MNG Health helps you to be the company that makes it easy for them to participate from anywhere in the world.

We provide our brand partners with the ability to engage thought leaders in both live virtual and online asynchronous advisory boards – each with unique features and advantages.

MNG Health has planned and run over 16,000 virtual events, including many live virtual advisory boards on behalf of biopharma companies. They are convenient for your advisors, compliant for your company and cost-effective for you. Live virtual advisory boards enable you to conduct primary research, educate or provide ongoing communications with stakeholders – without the time and expense of face-to-face meetings.

As a complement to our live virtual offering, we drive stakeholder dialogue via online asynchronous advisory boards. Our technology empowers a compliant and convenient feedback exchange among key stakeholders within a collaborative online environment, fueling true speed-to-insight – enabling you to receive vital feedback from your thought leader network within hours, instead of weeks or months. Your thought leaders benefit from the convenience of participating in moderated discussions and interactive surveys on their schedule, while at the same time driving deeper dialogue within compliant discussion forums.


We’ll help you squeeze every bit of value out of your investment. MNG Health advisory boards may be virtual, but the benefits and savings for you are real.

To learn more about how MNG Health’s virtual advisory board solution can increase the frequency of interactions and deepen your connections with industry thought leaders, contact us using this link.