Framing Success with Expert Video Production

At MNG Health we leverage our video production and content delivery expertise to help brands achieve more using video, incorporating key media touchpoints and immersive messaging within our clients’ strategic multichannel HCP engagement campaigns. 

71% of US physicians now watch video online, which is the preferred way to access new medical information.”

Source: DRG Digital

It starts with a story.

We help our clients tell dynamic and impactful stories using our end-to-end video production services. Our extensive experience in live action, animation and motion graphics enables us to deliver the perfect message – with high impact – every time.   We know from experience that effective video communications must drive desired behaviors in the target audience. We create precision strategies so your video delivers the preferred clinical content, along with the required safety information and core brand messaging – creating powerful customer engagements. Below are some of the ways we make the most of your video investment.
Video, like all marketing investments, should deliver results. Our approach combines medical expertise, creative passion and a deep understanding of HCPs to design, create and distribute videos that engage, inspire and compel viewers to act. We help you speak to the right audience, in the right way, through a variety of channels.
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