MNG Health is a leading healthcare communications company with nearly 20 years of experience successfully engaging healthcare professionals (HCPs) through peer-to-peer, personal and non-personal programs. We drive results that consistently surpass industry benchmarks and deliver service and expertise that exceed our clients’ expectations.

We use proprietary technology, data, audience analytics and insights to deliver innovative, best-in-class multichannel solutions that fuel brand success throughout a product’s lifecycle.

Our consistent engagement success with HCPs relies on a proprietary, integrated approach:

The MNG Health Difference

Simply put, the MNG Health difference is that we know your customers and systematically deliver targeted engagements that change behavior. Our unique understanding of healthcare professional behavior and preferences allows us to deliver intelligent communications, empowering HCPs with information and tools to deliver patient care with confidence. We’ve orchestrated over 250 million interactions with healthcare professionals, with each one adding to our knowledge base, enabling our clients to optimize each touchpoint and every investment focused on their highest value customers.

For many leading healthcare companies, we are a trusted business partner in the planning, design, execution and optimization of their marketing programs. And for some, MNG Health acts as part of their commercial operations team, providing the infrastructure, processes and teams to deliver speed to market, consistent engagements across channels, with real results.