Multi-Channel Campaigning

According to AdTech*, digital promotions to HCPs have jumped between 200% and 900% year over year. This volume increase makes it more difficult to reach and engage HCPs – a more sophisticated, intelligent approach needs to be employed for brands to succeed. Download Multi-Channel Campaigning data sheet >>

MNG Health is an expert at delivering strategic, data-driven communications across channels. We provide brands with access to their targets via a proprietary opt-in network of over 2.2 million HCPs, while leveraging years of generated behavioral data, a deep knowledge of target audience preferences and historical engagement trends to send the right message, to the right HCP, through the right channel, at the right time.


Reach more than 2.2 million HCPs from our network, and average 90-96% match of your targets.


Proprietary rules engine powers targeted delivery of contextually relevant communications, at scale.


Expertise and insights to drive best in class campaigns - inclusive of channel, content, and cadence preferences.


Strategic guidance drives the development of high-performing content, ensuring industry- leading opens.

Data-Triggered Campaigns

Highly contextual and personalized communications delivered at precisely the right time to capitalize on high RX-opportunity moments. Common data triggers include claims and procedural code data, diagnosis and Rx data, competitive basket, and co-morbidity data, and, of course, multichannel activity triggers.

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White Space, Gray Space and Vacant Territory Coverage

Reach low, no-see and non-covered HCPs (white); engage HCPs in a not yet covered territory (gray); and continue to message HCPs when territories become vacant. A steady stream of awareness + triggered communications will drive SOV, education and Rx action. 

KOL-Inspired Insights Generation

Quickly gather HCP insights and feedback on topics integral to the success of your brand and share results with target HCPs via Collected InsightsTM., our survey + email campaign solution. 

Turn these insights into deeper engagement opportunities with a focused, multichannel, KOL-authored campaign using Connected InsightsTMThis solution employs surveys, email, direct mail, a dedicated microsite, white papers and rep delivered messaging – delivering vastly valued, peer- endorsed content in surround sound. 

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Dynamic Direct Mail

Targeted, triggered, and personalized mail campaigns can garner 100% reach of your target HCPs. Proven to increase brand message recall ability, best practices call for the inclusion of reference materials, rep information, and strong CTAs. 

Doctor reading direct mail piece

Personalized Market Access

A critical factor in any branded Rx decision, cost is paramount in the mind of both HCPs and patients.  Providing personalized cost and coverage information to HCPs via HQ email or their assigned rep is the preferred method to prepare each current or potential writer. This show of support is of huge value and therefore strengthens the brand/HCP relationship.  As this information is dynamic, an ongoing campaign is essential.