KOL & Speaker Advocacy

84% of HCPs prefer KOL and peer authored education to brand generated promotional content and materials. MNG Health has harnessed the power of peer influence in 2 proprietary, multichannel solutions – Connected and Collected Insights.  Download KOL & Speaker Advocacy data sheet >>

Doctor and Rep

Connected Insights

Deliver original, impactful opinion leader-endorsed content for significantly higher engagement rates. MNG Health creates content with KOL and peer input. Upon approval, distribute peer endorsed education through emails produced by MNG Health to your target list and drive to a campaign-centric microsite for deeper content engagement. Allow the sales force to participate with preapproved email sends and realize even higher ROI.


Collected Insights

Take a quick pulse of targeted HCPs on a time sensitive, critical topic via an MNG Health delivered survey.  Upon result analysis, we will produce an original, KOL perspective. This peer-created  content will be distributed to all targets via email.  A two- or three- part series is ideal.

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