Patient Engagement

Interestingly, patient and HCP journeys are intertwined throughout all phases of treatment – from testing and diagnosis, to prescription, ongoing treatment and adherence. The role that HCPs play in motivating patients and caregivers to follow clinically-proven care regimens is extremely important, and the ongoing advice and counsel from treatment teams to patients is vital for favorable outcomes.  

We’ve taken our ecosystem approach and technology-enabled solutions and applied them to common challenges around patient education and adherence. Addressing patient knowledge and treatment hurdles at the point of care is paramount to long term success.  

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Patient Adherence

Studies prove that what HCPs instill in patients is the importance of staying on or completing therapy, adherence increases. Getting patients to engage in digital and offline programs meant to foster adherence can result in favorable desired outcomes.  

Patient Virtual Events

Support your patient and caregiver population with virtual events that inform, encourage and activate attendees.  Led by a patient advocate and a leading KOL physician, attendees can interact with brand and disease state experts, ask questions, and receive helpful references materials.  Post event, provide an on demand property to reengage with the event recording, download new resources, receive ongoing updates, and allow for 24/7 question submission.  

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