Experience You Can Count On

One way to gauge a multichannel marketing partner’s experience is to count. By the numbers, during the past 20 years MNG Health has orchestrated over 250 million HCP interactions for our clients, delivering over 30 million emails, shipping over 70 million direct mail pieces and hosting over 40 thousand virtual HCP events.


of Experience


HCP Interactions




Direct Mail Pieces


Virtual HCP Events

However, high volumes of interactions don’t necessary correlate to trust. The experiences we create and the relationships we’ve built with healthcare professionals are long term, transparent and positive, and we continuously adapt to their implicit needs and explicit preferences. In fact, many of our innovative new products have come from our clients and their HCP customers who see us as a true partner in improving communications and removing barriers for them to more confidently care for their patients.

Finally, the experience a client has while working with the talented and collaborative people at MNG Health is perhaps the most important experience of all. We strive to excel at what we preach, and aim to deliver the kind of mutually beneficial partnership that our clients seek to create with their customers.

“As we conclude this very busy week of 3 advisory board meetings… a quick thank you to you and your team. I thought everything went very smoothly and amazing this week… I thought all did an amazing job!”
                             – Worldwide Congress Manager