Sales Rep Enablement

According to a recent survey, about 34% of HCPs plan to continue seeing sales representatives virtually in place of in-person visits, post-pandemic.  Life Sciences companies are rethinking how best to get their brand messaging out to their customers and keep their sales reps involved at the same time. Sales rep-enabled communications are becoming an essential focal point.

MNG Health has two sales rep-focused, dedicated platforms to address this challenge. Leveraging the personal relationship between the sales rep and their customers, our solution delivers personalized and relevant communications that power industry-leading engagement – realizing engagement rates that are over 300% the standard HQ-delivered message. Download Sales Rep Enablement data sheet >>

Once engaged, this initial communication should NOT serve as a singular touch point, but rather the start of an ongoing journey- delivering critical brand content via preferred channels and optimal cadence. To fuel a multi channel journey, MNG Health employs a customer centric, HCP ecosystem platform to capture all HCP activity and trigger the next interaction.  We call this foundational platform Engage 360.  Our individual solutions are layered on top of Engage 360 to create the best possible, long term HCP experience with your brand – exponentially shortening the time between awareness and Rx. 

Sales Rep Navigator

HCPs can receive dynamic, personalized  and printed information on demand from a trusted source – their sales representative. Reps utilize single sign on and a dedicated web portal – with mobile response design for web browser access on any device, and no app download required. 

There is an intuitive request workflow to select from a variety of compliant materials and trigger message delivery across email and direct mail channels, including the ability to send approved, HCP-specific cost and coverage information. Sales force utilization rates average at 97% – with overall ROI at 5:1. 

Digital Rep Communications

Empower your sales force to compliantly curate and deliver personalized content galleries to key customers via our proprietary Interactive Media Hub™. Once logged in, reps can select from a range of approved brand assets, curating a personalized content gallery for their target HCPs, delivered via a preapproved, compliant message. 

Sends, opens, clicks, and content engagement are all reported on in near-real-time. This information can turn insight into action by elevating call planning and Rx volume significantly.

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