Ecosystem Platform

Imagine assembling a holistic, multichannel HCP engagement solution with dynamic, personalized journeys for each of your target HCPs — Introducing Engage360TM As each HCP engages across the available touchpoints, all activity is tracked, aggregated, and leveraged for the next interaction. Actual HCP behavior dictates the subsequent content, channel, and cadence of delivery. 

This dynamic, next best action approach inspires HCPs to move from brand awareness to consideration to deeper educational engagement to increased Rx in the shortest possible timeframe.

The MNG Health proprietary platform that makes this possible is called Engage360. 

We reimagined the HCP meeting experience by shifting toward a more holistic approach to customer engagement – rather than focusing on a singular marketing touchpoint, we instead are leveraging our new Engage360 platform to deliver integrated, omnichannel experiences that encourage HCPs to move along a promotional/educational journey in a way that truly changes behavior – giving them the channel, content and cadence they need at exactly the right time. 

By converging our email, virtual and digital media technologies, Engage360 elevates multichannel synergy to a new level. 

Data Ingestion @ Scale

Integrate leading indicator data to trigger the next best interaction, channel, and timing of communications to audiences.

Customer Journey Configuration

Configure customer journeys based on targets, deciles, RX data, claims data, and countless other indicators based on desired behavior.

Channel Activation

Determine the appropriate mix of email, direct-mail and SMS messaging to targets to ignite the next step of communications.

Engagement Intelligence

Collect data about every touchpoint within the ecosystem in to allow it to influence the next engagement.

Ecosystem Analytics

Report on the entirety of engagement across the ecosystem at the aggregate and individual NPI/HCP level.