Technology-Enabled Solutions

MNG Health’s scalable technology-enabled solutions start with proven tactics and channels that can be deployed alone or in powerful combinations. We solve biopharma brand teams’ most complex challenges to reach, engage and educate target healthcare professionals and patients.

Our omnichannel offerings include virtual events, email, direct mail, banners, videos, and online destinations. We leverage multiple data sources to create a customer centric ecosystem that drives broad awareness, deep engagement and increased Rx/purchase.

Multi-Channel Campaigning

According to AdTech, digital promotions to HCPs have jumped between 200% and 900% year over year. This volume increase makes it more difficult to reach and engage HCPs – a more sophisticated, intelligent, relevant approach needs to be employed for brands to succeed.

Live and On-Demand Virtual Events

70% of HCPs say that a pharma virtual event has changed their prescribing behavior. However, hosting virtual events can be intimidating and are rife with unique challenges. Successfully and compliantly navigating these events requires a specific skill set, documented processes, and technology that can support execution.

KOL & Speaker Advocacy

Gathering feedback from healthcare professionals can be a tricky endeavor. MNG assists brands in getting their finger on the pulse of their target audiences by leveraging HCP competitiveness and curiosity as well as their respect and awareness of specific industry KOLs and speakers.

Sales Rep Enablement

According to a recent survey, only about 34% of HCPs will accept an in-person sales rep meeting. Life Sciences companies are rethinking what to do with the other 66%, while also keeping their sales reps involved. Sales-enabled communications are becoming an essential focal point.

Patient Engagement

Life sciences brands that create and support patient programs can see a significant increase in patient product adoption and adherence. Adherence, however, does being with HCPs, and enabling patients to easily engage with a program for education and adherence is necessary for product adoption. We leverage our ecosystem for both.