Live & On-Demand Virtual Experiences

In a recent survey of 500 HCPs, 70% shared that “pharmaceutical company virtual events changed their prescribing behavior.” After producing over 40,000+ virtual events, MNG Health understands the intense attention to detail and ultra-reliable technical infrastructure required to deliver seamless programs. This has made us the preferred virtual events partner for some of the life sciences industry’s largest companies. Download Live & On-Demand Virtual Experiences data sheet >>

Whether you need a small, invite-only roundtable meeting, or a global, heavily promoted broadcast event, our event operations team has the expertise and experience needed to execute every facet – pre, during and post event. 


Deploy multichannel messaging to targeted audiences (leveraging our reach to 2.2M in network HCPs). After registration, deliver pre-event reminders and surveys to increase interest and likelihood of future attendance.

Live Virtual

Device agnostic solution with seamless, one-click access to engaging, interactive and data-rich virtual events, complete with HCP-level engagement tracking pre, during, and post event.


Automate registrant post-event messaging—whether they attend or missed the meeting—to continually reinforce brand messaging. Use event data, surveys, and other engagement touchpoints to personalize pull-through messaging to resonate with recipient.


Turn virtual events into enduring content experiences and encourage ongoing engagement with your brand message. Provide on-demand multimedia content, resources and the ability to compliantly submit questions 24/7.

03_Advisor Collab

Live & Asynchronous Virtual Advisory Boards

Increase stakeholder access and capture critical insight from your key advisors via convenient and cost effective virtual touchpoints. Mitigate logistical complexity of in-person meetings, allowing for streamlined knowledge exchange while transcending geographic challenges, providing seamless access around the globe by conducting them online via Advisor DirectTM.

Rich interactive and collaborative features, including polling, white boarding, file sharing, and virtual break-outs encourage a greater depth in dialogue. After the event, continue the conversation online to generate even deeper insights via asynchronous discussion threads within Community DirectTM.

Broadcast Events

Failure is not an option with any virtual event, but in particular when it comes to high-profile broadcast events. When conveying new launch information, study results, or groundbreaking research, the opportunity to deliver with unlimited reach is extremely valuable.

MNG provides state-of-the-art high-definition broadcast production, via a team of experienced professionals, allowing brand partners to gain national exposure for key brand messages while delivering enhanced audience engagement via live Q&A, audience response polling, and interactive surveys.

03 broadcast

Virtual Roundtables

HCPs prefer to receive education from experts and share insights with their peers. MNG Health offers new formats that change the paradigm of peer-to-peer education via our Peer DirectTM

Peer Exchange virtual roundtables provide the opportunity to engage in a real peer-to-peer dialogue, enabling access to peer insights which can lead to improvements in clinical decision making. These invite-only, discussion-oriented, KOL-led events include a short introduction and data presentation, saving the majority of time for peer-to-peer interaction, discussions and collaborations.

Peer-to-Peer Speaker Programs

Our Speaker DirectTM peer-to-peer educational events deliver exceptional experiences through ease of registration, timely reminders, engagement-driving functionality, and opportunities for attendee input, allowing key thought leaders to communicate brand messages with unlimited reach, conveniently and compliantly.

Speaker Direct is a sales force driven solution that provides targeted HCPs with the opportunity to join in a virtual presentation by a national speaker with their peers from across the country.


01_P2P Speaker Program
04_speaker training

Speaker Training

MNG Health delivers seamless execution of compliant speaker training meetings, rapidly and conveniently connecting new content with your key opinion leaders. Train, track, and certify your speakers easily online with Training Direct™. Ensure all speakers are delivering content compliantly and in the most effective way possible.

On-Demand Virtual Events

Our goal is to create virtual experiences that HCPs demand, leveraging the best of scheduled live interactions and perpetual on-demand engagement. Allow customers to engage on their terms by transforming webinars into enduring on-demand content experiences, with fully immersive, interactive panels that model a live virtual program. 

Sustain interactivity within the on-demand module and continue to gather engagement analytics to maximize results – our ask-a-question feature allows HCP viewers to send asynchronous emails to the designated moderator with any inbound inquiries. Through the entire journey, we holistically track and report on data-rich HCP interactions across all touchpoints.