Maximize the Value of Virtual HCP Meetings, Training & Events

MNG Health produces more events each year than many concert promoters! As leading producers of HCP peer-to-peer meetings, national broadcast events and speaker training programs, we understand the intense attention to detail and ultra-reliable technical infrastructure required to deliver flawless programs. Our teams are experts at sustaining HCP engagement before, during and after each event.


Speaker & Field Support and Recruitment Materials

During Event

Flawless Execution & Program Support


Leverage MNG Health Network for Continued Impact

We deliver events simplified. MNG Health supports our brand partners and speakers throughout the planning process for each event to ensure all facets of the program are managed successfully. Our teams understand biopharma event execution inside and out, and all that goes with delivering successful and compliant meetings. From checking Wi-Fi strength at local viewing venues to personally training each speaker on our technology, we deliver concierge-level service, at scale – aiming to exceed expectations in every interaction. Our process expertise, people and technology make events simple and successful.

Below are some of the integrated capabilities that comprise our turnkey virtual event solutions.

Virtual Event Screen
  • Registration Site
  • Resource Center
  • Calendar Integration
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Live Streaming Video
  • Moderated Q&A Chat
  • Interactive Polling
  • Mobile Friendly

Our clients at leading life sciences companies tell us that virtual events are a win-win for both the meeting sponsor and participants, for three key reasons:

  • Scarce budget dollars can be stretched much further with virtual meetings compared to live meetings, simply due to travel savings
  • Busy internal teams and speakers can shave days – even weeks – off their already-packed schedules by avoiding travel for meetings
  • In contrast to live meetings, the greater use of technology for virtual meetings can produce deeper customer insights and digital content that can be easily repurposed
To learn more about virtual events as a stand-alone tactic or as part of a larger multichannel HCP engagement program, contact us using this link.