Our Results-based Marketing Process

What does a winning system look like, and how do you create it? At MNG Health we use a multi-pronged, 360-degree consultative process called HCPiQ that forms the basis for a system we’ve created for our clients. Let’s have a look at each step.

Start with Discovery

In this phase, the goal is to understand the macro environment in which our brand and our audience lives, while simultaneously obtaining an understanding of the personalization factors that will cause our messages to resonate with individual members of that audience. Discovery is much like the planning and materials-gathering phase required when we want to build a house. We’ll probably think of additional items we need as we start pouring the foundation, however understanding the landscape and having a solid idea about most of what we’ll need makes the later steps in the process go more smoothly.

Strategy informs intelligent campaign design

In this step our clients work with us to hone their target lists and refine their messages, and where we discuss channel selection, message sequencing and frequency. It also includes the next-best action to take with each target, based on how each person responds to elements in this campaign as well as previous campaigns. MNG Health has orchestrated over 250 million HCP interactions, and clients understand that through these we’ve developed a depth of customer knowledge that goes beyond that of any individual biopharma brand or company.

Performance metrics drive focused learning

Many marketers overemphasize a single “launch” date, when they would be better served focusing on each tactic and message appearing at just the right time, at just the right volume, and in just the right relationship to other parts of the campaign. The benefits of a systems approach become apparent as we cumulatively learn about the way each customer responds over time. Nearly every response the customer has to every action the marketer takes is recorded, measured and compared to previous actions as well as to the actions of similar customers. When coupled with relevant industry benchmarks, they highlight strengths and opportunities so that every “next” campaign is smarter and more powerful than the one before.

Optimize through actionable insights

To close the loop in our consultative process, we take what we’ve learned from a single cycle and infuse it into the beginning of the next campaign’s Discovery work, along with any new attributes and variables obtained as we continuously add new sources. This series of iterations refines our understanding and enables us to continuously optimize the target audience, messaging, channels and timing. Over time, we can anticipate the needs and desires of a specific customer, and deliver to them exactly what they need, when they need it, and in the channels they most prefer.